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Barangay augments support for school

 June 4, 2018    

Story contributed by Mohannat Cua



combo5 A peace zone signage hangs in front of a school building in Combo Elementary School, Zamboanga del Sur.


Combo, Zamboanga del Sur – Last year, CheckMySchool (CMS) coordinators worked with local officials and law enforcers in dispelling false information that barangay Combo was a “conflict area” and therefore “unsafe”. With the misconception about Combo debunked and its peace and order situation firmly established, needed infrastructures, such as health and daycare centers, were built in the barangay. Read related story.


CMS coordinator Mohannat Cua shared that before, daycare classes were held in Madrasah (Arabic room) where teachers were challenged to teach pupils without visual aids. “Bawal po sa Madrasah na maglagay ng mga larawan. Mahirap po sa isang daycare worker na magturo na walang mga instructional materials.” (Pictures as visual aids are not allowed in Madrasah. Without instructional materials, teaching was difficult for the daycare worker.)


Having a daycare center is conducive for teaching and learning. Feeding program has been implemented on a daily basis as well. “Dati, hindi tinatanggap ng teacher ang feeding para sa mga bata dahil wala silang lugar na pwedeng kainan,” Cua added. (Before, teacher would not accept feeding [program] for the children because there was no place to eat.)



34201967_1679647498777878_6282706455833346048_n This daycare center is one of the infrastructure projects of Brgy. Combo.


Indeed, Combo is a peaceful and orderly community which was validated in a recently conducted visit of CMS in Combo Elementary School. During this visit, principal Josephine Antonietta E. Abdulgani informed CMS about the planned pavement rehabilitation of the school grounds. The damaged pavements were becoming a problem, especially during the rainy season. The school has already secured barangay fund allocation of P5,000 for it. But according to Ms. Abdulgani, this was not enough. She estimated P10,000 would be needed for the pavement rehabilitation.


As part of its assistance, CMS lobbied for the barangay local government to give additional funding for Combo ES. In an assembly held on March 31, 2018, the barangay council, through its leader, Badrodin Cua, favorably responded and announced an additional P5,000 allocation for Combo ES to fund the school’s pavement rehabilitation.



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