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Principal Requests Allocation of Chairs in Aklan School

 January 18, 2017    

By Emelina Reteo-Fernandez



NUMANCIA, Aklan – The Department of Education constructed a 2-storey building with six classrooms for the new senior high school at Numancia Integrated School in Numancia, Aklan. However, there was no allocation for chairs for school year 2016-2017. The school principal, Mrs. Jocelyn N. Nillasca, had to borrow tables and chairs from the Numancia District Office and Numancia National High School. As might be expected, students found the ad hoc seating accommodations uncomfortable and less than conducive to learning.



During the district-level feedbacking and roundtable discussion held in April 2016, Mrs. Nillasca called on DepEd and other stakeholders to provide chairs for their new senior high school in time for the opening of classes in June. CMS volunteers from the Archbishop Gabriel M. Reyes Memorial Foundation reiterated Mrs. Nillasca’s request during the roundtable discussions with DepEd Aklan and the Aklan Provincial Government. In August 2016, DepEd provided 240 new plastic armchairs to Numancia Integrated School. Procurement of the new armchairs was delayed due to the required bidding process.


“Our students and teachers are very happy and grateful for the chairs provided by DepEd. We thank CMS for facilitating the allocation of new and comfortable armchairs, which are more conducive to learning,” said Mrs. Nillasca.

Edited by: Eric Michael Santos

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