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Repair Begins for Manuel Maravilla Memorial School

 October 16, 2016    


By Ana Eva Villanueva


JORDAN, Guimaras – Key facilities of Manuel Maravilla Memorial School in Jordan, Guimaras are being repaired—thanks to the persistence of CMS Municipal Coordinator Ms. Nimfa Gasangan.



One of the school’s priority needs was the repair of its dilapidated pavilion and stage, which actually put students at risk. Ms. Gasangan followed up the budget allocation with the Office of Representative Rahman Nava and the construction status with the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) District Office. The repair of the pavilion and stage is almost 90% completed, just in time for the upcoming graduation and moving up ceremonies.


“We no longer need to gather coconut leaves to patch up our old pavilion and stage,” says school principal Ma’am Ba-at. Repair of the school’s Home Economics building has been completed. The HE building was the last non-academic room repaired through the Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) budget. Budget approval took almost a year, with about five offices reviewing the budget proposal before being approved by the Schools Division Superintendent. This was followed by the submission of a program of works and cost estimates to the the Department of Education (DepEd) Division office. Procurement started only after the proposal was approved by the Schools Division Superintendent.


“The entire process took a long time but it was worth the wait. With the HE building repaired and installed with a new roof, our students no longer have to get drenched every time it rains,” Ma’am Ba-at says.


Ma’am Ba-at also revealed that the DepEd has allotted budget for the repair of a one-storey,7-classroom building of Manuel Maravilla Memorial School through the Provision and Maintenance of Basic Education Facilities (BEF). As of September 21, 2016, 70% of the classrooms have already been repaired work. Ma’am Ba-at requested for a temporary suspension of the repair pending identification of “relocation classrooms” for affected classes. Target completion is before the start of the second semester.


“For now, all of us are making little sacrifices. We are using our old building, pavilion, stage and computer room to hold classes and our HE building as temporary office and clinic until the repair is completed,” says Ma’am Ba-at. “We also wish to thank the wife of Mayor Ruben Corpuz for donating construction materials to be used for the refurbishment of our school canteen.”


CMS Municipal Coordinator Ms. Gasangan deserves a lot of credit for helping Manuel Maravilla Memomrial School and other public schools in her area. She emobidies the true spirit of volunteerism and people empowerment for the improvement of public education.


Edited by Eric Michael Santos

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