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Provincial and City Schools Linked Through Facebook

 June 22, 2016    

Article by Keow Abanto


Nueva Ecija teacher Shemayne Coronel only had one more day to contact Pasay City West High School (PCWHS). With a student’s enrolment on the line, she turned to Facebook and found help through Checkmyschool (CMS).


“SOS from Paitan Sur High School. Needs ASAP action,” her April 13 message on Facebook said.


Coronel needed PCWHS to approve the pending transfer of Edsam Buena before April 14, the schools division’s deadline. Buena, an incoming grade 8 student, is a transferee from Pasay City. Without the approval from his former school, Buena would not be able to enroll in Paitan Sur in Nueva Ecija.


The distance between the schools—one is in Metro Manila, the other in Central Luzon—made travel impractical and time-consuming for Coronel to personally secure the approval. Placing a phone call is also a challenge because they have no landline. According to the teacher, Paitan Sur is located in the mountains, far from the town proper.


“I tried every [possibility] to have contact with that school,” Coronel said. After failing to get a response from PCWHS, she searched the internet for alternatives and found Checkmyschool’s Facebook page.


Though outside its line of work, CMS decided to help Coronel and called Pasay City West from its office in Quezon City. The organization received updates on Buena’s transfer and relayed the message to Coronel through Facebook.


The following day, Coronel told CMS that she had successfully enrolled Buena in the DepEd’s Learner Information System. “I feel so lucky that I got help from you,” she added.


See Screenshots of conversation between CMS and Ms. Shemayne Coronel by clicking on this link: CMS FB conversation with Shemayne



Edited by Charmaine Lirio


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