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Empowering young artists

 December 10, 2018    

Written by Edilyn A. Culajara
CAGAYAN DE ORO–– Edilyn A. Culajara has been teaching for nine years and is currently assigned in Bugo National High School. She is handling visual arts classes for junior high school.
BugoNHS1The booth showcasing art pieces of students from Bugo National High School, Cagayan de Oro city.
Commitment plus talent equals success. According to Art Turock, when a person is interested in doing something, he only does it when circumstances permit. But when he is committed to something, he accepts no excuses, only results.
I saw these words come alive in the unusual effort of CheckMySchool to harness the talents of young artists in our public schools. From simply checking school services, it has expanded its mission to helping showcase artistic talents. Being pushed away from its usual monitoring work is not an excuse for not helping; the learning outcome for the student artists is what matters. (See related story: Discovering students’ artworks in our schools.)
Our Grade 10 art students in Bugo National High School participated in the first art exhibit organized through CheckMySchool. The exhibit aimed to showcase the talents and best art masterpieces created by talented students.
Students were given the opportunity to display their artworks and exchange ideas with each other on the techniques and styles in sketching, calligraphy, charcoal painting and even landscape painting.
A professional artist was invited and generously shared his expertise to our students. We were delighted during the actual painting demonstration of this artist.
BugoNHS2Teacher Edilyn Culajara (far right) with CheckMySchool coordinators and visitors from DepEd Region X.
My students were able to see the works from other schools. As a teacher, I was happy to see how the activity has widened the scope of learning of the students. It was truly a meaningful learning experience.
With the exhibit, CheckMySchool has not only served as a check-and-balance system of school services and performance. It has also helped educators in their role to develop the academic and artistic skills of our students. All these efforts boil down to one common goal: to help improve the quality of education.
CheckMySchool deserves a remarkable recognition for its commitment to help establish an effective and relevant education system. The partnership between CheckMySchool, teachers, parents, and students, resulted to a series of changes in schools that contributed to the total development of our education sector.
As Thomas Wolfe points out, if a man has talent and cannot use it, he has failed. If he has talent and uses only half of it, he has partly failed. If he has talent and learns somehow to use the whole of it, he has succeeded, and won satisfaction and triumph few men ever know. Hence, commitment for continuing development of skills and talents equate to success.
I salute the entire staff of CheckMySchool! Your monitoring safeguards the future of our schools. Your special effort has inspired our young artists. Thank you for helping us nurture the young minds of the future.

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