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Principal heeds suggested “right of way”

 July 14, 2017    

Story contributed by: Arlene Ching


URDANETA CITY, PANGASINAN – Students of Cayambanan National High School used to pass through the grounds of Cayambanan Elementary School to get to their buildings. It was the most convenient way for them, but it caused a lot of distractions in classes and other school activities. There was a clear need to have a proper passageway for the high school students.


CheckMySchool coordinator Arlene Ching and volunteers knew about the problem when they visited the school in August last year. They discovered that the high school building was located at the back of Cayambanan Elementary School. Its entrance was very far from the main road, so high school students and teachers would often take the elementary entrance as it was more accessible.


“To solve the problem, I suggested to the principal that a Right of Way, or a proper and recognized passageway for the high school, had to be established.” said Arlene. She has 20 years of experience in the field of construction, giving her a strong background on the matter.


Mrs. Ofelia Patricio, principal of Cayambanan Elementary School accepted and took up the suggestion. She gathered funds for the construction of the passageway through PTA donations and alumni fund raising activities. She was able to raise PHP 90,000.00. She used this to construct a perimeter wall covering the grounds of the elementary school and connecting the main road to the high school entrance. This was built on the adjacent land also owned by the elementary school.




AFTER. No more disturbances due to the newly constructed perimeter wall.


Principal Patricio also sought the help of Barangay Captain Norberto Gotgotao. Through the active participation of the barangay council, a part of the barangay development fund was allocated for the project.


“It is only during the administration of the current principal that the barangay was approached to extend help to the school. We are very happy to have helped.” said Barangay Captain Gotgotao.



Arlene Ching and a volunteer together with Principal Patricio and Barangay Captain Gotgotao.


The construction of the passageway was completed in May this year. Since then, students of both schools have been enjoying a more conducive environment for learning.


Written by: Brenda Pureza

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