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Principals heed call to improve school facilities

 March 29, 2018    

by Darlene P. Motil



Linangon ES Stockroom converted into a functional school library in Linangohan Elementary School, Cagayan de Oro City.



CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY– Two years ago, Linangohan ES in Tablon, Cagayan de Oro City, was visited by CMS Coordinator Jonathan Mongcal. He met with Ursula Janeth Abellanosa, its principal at that time, to talk about the most pressing issues of the school. The construction of school library and perimeter fence emerged as the principal’s major concerns.


“She felt ashamed of the state of her school when CMS visited. What she did was she ask for help from corporations established in their area. Her request was granted and major changes occurred. The school had a total makeover: walls were re-painted, desks and comfort rooms were repaired,” shared Mongcal.


“Yung effort ni (The effort of) Ma’am Ursula was a good example of school-private organization partnership. Sort of social corporate responsibility on the part of the private organization,” Mongcal added.


1 CMS Coordinator Jonathan Mongcal takes a photo of the unused stockroom when he visited the school in 2016.


CMS Coordinator Jonathan Mongcal assessed the facilities of the school and suggested that a perfectly built, unused stockroom could be converted into a library. “The last time na [nag-visit ang] CMS, yung building was unused. Yan yung ni-raised namin na issue kasi sayang. Maganda yung building, why not use it? Pag-feedbacking namin, nagawan na nila ng paraan.” (The last time CMS visited, the building was unused. We raised this issue because its use was not maximized. The building was in good condition, why not use it?)


When the former principal was reassigned to a different school, Principal Llaban continued the work to address the existing issues. He was grateful of CMS for it reminded them of their duty to ensure that the children are provided with appropriate facilities.


He allocated a budget for the stockroom to make it conducive for reading. He tapped several NGOs, which donated reading materials as well. Teachers of Linangohan ES borrow books and other instructional materials from the city’s library hub every month to stock the shelves of their own library.



IMG_0528 2 Pupils of Linangohan Elementary School, Cagayan de Oro City.


He implemented a program called “Pagbasa para sa Kaogmawon” (Reading for the Future) that required slow and non-readers of Linangohan ES to attend a special class, every afternoon, in the library where they were given an extra time to improve their reading skills in Filipino and English.


CMS visited the school once again in March 2018. The construction of the perimeter fence is on-going and is 25% completed. Principal Llaban also noted the significant improvement among the slow and non-readers of the school. For him, the library served as an important milestone as they finally have a place that encourages pupils to read.





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